Meleta Buckstaff – Artist/Designer


CSA Jackson Hole Commission

In 2014 I was selected as one of the first artists to participate in CSA Jackson Hole. This Community Supported Art project commissioned nine artists annually to produce 40 individual pieces for its shareholders, who paid a subscription fee and received one piece of art from each of the nine artists.

Every one of my 40 pieces was an original 7x7in mixed media collage made with ink paintings, parts of my own drawings, and embroidery floss. Every piece was constructed using embroidery stitches with no glue at all.

CSA Series no. 1 – Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

CSA Series no. 14 – Cradled

CSA Series no 15 – Antelope Flats

CSA Series no. 35 – Sagebrush as Far as the Eye Can See

CSA Series no. 36 – Stone and Spine

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Figure Drawings